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slogging through online textbooks...

Hello, all. I'm taking several courses through Athabasca University as a start to their University Certificate in Computing and Information Systems. (Read: I'm a computer geek who's finally getting some formal education to support her interests.)

The first course of the program, COMP200 - Intro to Computing and Information Systems, has entirely digital course material. The textbook, as it were, is more or less one massive, organized website. I've just about finished the second chapter of the text and I've run into a problem: my brain has started to refuse information. Up until this point, I've had no problems reading through the material and keeping digital notes in the form of a .txt file. For this latest unit, however, I've had to print out each section in order to retain anything. My notes eventually end up in the .txt file, but not until I've gone through the print-out with a highlighter and done things 'the old-fashioned way'.

I'm thinking it could be due to the large amounts of reading I do online without needing to retain anything (blogs, webcomics, fanfiction, etc.). A type of conditioning or somesuch, where the brain goes "Huh? What? I need to remember this stuff now? Um, no, I don't think so."

Has anyone else run into this? Any ideas on how to get past it? Right now, the current plan is just to keep on slogging, trying to get the retention up and going again.
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